For2Fi Was Founded with You in Mind

For2Fi is dedicated to providing business owners with reliable, affordable and efficient telecommunications and IT solutions. We are here to help you achieve easy communications with your team and access unlimited 4G LTE data with major networks whenever and wherever you need it. We use the latest technology to provide you with fast, reliable internet and telecommunications solutions. Get connected and stay connected with For2Fi.

About Our Company

In 2017, business partners Andrew Gregoire and John Reed set out to find a fully managed wireless company to provide primary and backup internet service for their enterprise customers. 

After months of fruitless searching, Andrew and John decided to take their expertise, experience and industry knowledge and start their own managed 4G/LTE/Satellite company. This new company would provide complete telecommunications and IT services to their customers. Andrew and John named their new venture For2Fi. 

For2Fi has now added Managed 4G/LTE service to our profile and can transition 4G service into a reliable source of bandwidth for your business. We specialize in providing companies who don’t qualify for cable or fiber with fast and reliable internet access. 

For2Fi offers your business a range of solutions, including:

  • No contracts
  • Managed 4G LTE data with major networks
  • Plug and play (Pre-configured device)
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Could your IT and communication systems be improved? Call (617) 618-6006 and talk to our connectivity experts.

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