Wireless Solutions, Managed LTE and Satellite Solutions

For2Fi is your first and best choice for total telecommunications services. On this page we showcase our wireless solutions, managed LTE and satellite solutions.

For2Fi Wireless Solutions

For2Fi specializes in providing businesses with total IT and telecommunication services.

For2Fi can provide an LTE Gateway that will deliver secure and managed failover for your business. Our bundled solution offers automatic failover between cable and LTE connectivity while providing firewall features to protect your mission critical customer data.

For2Fi provides a redundant wireless internet connection for failover to make sure you can always process credit card transactions and make sure your business stays PCI-compliant.

Our LTE Branch Office solutions can provide the SDWAN and Firewall solutions that businesses need to keep employees connected and data secure.

Our Enterprise solutions provide true redundancy to fiber in your call centers and corporate office buildings. It also provides security and connectivity for remote offices and workers to eliminate downtime and improve productivity.

For2Fi’s LTE and satellite solutions help provide redundant connectivity to distribution centers and warehouses that have limited fiber options and lengthy installation timelines.

Why risk running 3rd party sensors over your critical IT Infrastructure when For2Fi can stand up a separate wireless network for IOT traffic and provide the real-time data analytics business your units require.

For2Fi provides LTE Solutions to connect trucks, buses, and cars to the internet.

Managed LTE and Satellite

For2Fi provides fully managed solutions for our customers with onsite support. Our Network Operations Center in Boston, MA provides the following monitoring and alerts:

  • Gateway Connection State – Monitor all LTE Gateways to confirm they are online and connected to the Internet. Upon a down notification, the NOC will begin troubleshooting and restoring service.
  • LTE Cellular Connectivity – Monitor all SIM Cards for connectivity and speed tests.
  • Data Usage – Provide alerts when customers reach 75%, 100%, 200%, and 1000% of their data plans each month.

Design and Implementation

For2Fi designs and implements custom solutions for our customers. We can help you to choose the correct LTE Gateway and Wireless Carrier to deliver true redundancy and security.

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